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  • April 2014
  • Anglicare Victoria
  • Manual

Each year Anglicare Victoria produce a guide to courses available to their staff. It is an ever changing document which, until this year, has been made once and distributed both as print and pdf versions. Throughout the year lots of small details change: course instructors change, venues change, dates and times change.

The course guide is now produced using InCopy. We have changed our process from pdf markups to use InCopy so that we can provide a collaborative editing service for long documents. Now the staff at Anglicare Victoria can edit the content as much as they want or need to until they reach a point where they need us to get involved again to do copy fitting, or design changes or create new pdfs for distribution.

Using a collaborative editing process means that budgets are easy to stick to, deadlines are easier to meet and clients have control of the contents – after all, why use designers to edit content into a document?

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