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  • Respite & Carelink Centre
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Business cards look like such an easy job. But there are a bunch of traps for the unwary: names that can have first and last name switched without it being obvious, part time staff working different sets of days, several regional offices and different ways of describing job titles.

At Hothouse Design we now provide clients with a form to fill in when they are ordering business cards – but not just any form. This smart form has drop-down fields that populate other static fields (location names that populate address fields), and smart radio buttons that generate field content (choose the days of the week that are worked and a description is generated).

The contents of the form is then used to populate our InDesign master file and business cards are produced with the recurring information appearing in exactly the same way each time and no mistakes are made about names or spelling or convention – unless someone types in the wrong information of course!

The result is fast, accurate and easy to update because we have created a form that is simple to use and a process that allows it to talk to our design file.

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