Variable Data

Eliminating human error and misunderstanding is a noble goal and we feel we have gone part way to achieving just that in developing our process where we use interactive pdf forms to collect content to populate design files. The pdf forms use drop down menus to list options like different locations or working hours and the fields are clearly identified to encourage accurate entering of data. The forms have a structure that repeats until no longer required so that as many entries as needed are able to be added. Data is extracted from the form to automatically populate the design files so whatever goes into the form appears in the design layout – no human interference along the way to create errors

Its accurate and efficient so the job of collecting data can be handled by anyone who can fill out a form and the form ensures that the same sort of content is provided each time – no need to remember what was done last time.

One example of this is producing business cards for companies where there are several locations, varying working hours and frequent staff movements. Having a form with the locations listed and the various working hours listed in a drop down menu has reduced errors and variations enormously.

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