Collaborative Editing

Make real time changes and write new text direct into live documents. Complete your edits in minutes, not hours – then review in the design layout so you can see the end result as you go. A collaborative editing workflow allows designers and clients to simultaneously edit a document.

We have set up collaborative editing workflows for: training manuals, an annual report, a brochure and a course guide. Here's what our clients have told us about the process:

  • Make life easier
    Easier than marking up changes on an enabled pdf, quicker than describing changes in an email. No need to check if we have made your changes the way you wanted.
    InCopy is fabulous and makes for a much less stressful experience!
    – Jessica
  • Stay on budget
    Eliminate those author’s corrections that cause budget blow out. Stay in total control of your budget by making changes yourself.
  • See it as you go
    Being able to see the impact of changes on the layout makes editing decisions much easier to make.
    I have really enjoyed working with the InCopy process during this job
    – Lisa
  • Faster than a speeding bullet
    Eliminating the to-and-fro makes for a faster process so you have new documents or new versions of old documents available in no time.
  • Always up to date
    Producing up-to-date material has never been easier. Now you can modify documents as things change. And with digital printing we can deliver new materials in the blink of an eye.
  • New documents
    Creating new documents has become even more efficient. Collaborative editing sets you up for easy updates in the future. Nominate to retain access to the content file and then update it at any time.
  • Revised versions
    Updating something that has already been printed is now fast and easy. We archive everything so all your past projects are available for editing.
  • Use it for
    Long documents like reports, training manuals and catalogues. It’s brilliant for anything that has a fixed layout like newsletters, brochures and product spec sheets.

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