Social Media Aggregator

With so many different channels that are available to distribute social media to, and the list is growing, it can be very time consuming and a large impost to a business to maintain an active social media presence on their website. We use social media aggregators to collect Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagrams and many other feeds and bring them all together automatically in one place to display on a webpage.  This is amazing functionality for organisations that use social media heavily to promote events, disseminate information or new features or products.

Aggregating social media on your site like this is also highly beneficial for Search Engine Optimisation.  The social media items that the aggregator brings together on your site are choc full of links back to the original post which in turn link to a myriad of other pages and sites, this contributes to placing your site higher in page rankings and search results.

To see this functionality in action, go to:

- The Womens Networking Zone website

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