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Dynamic Organisations for the Victorian Transport Association (VTA)


Dynamic Organisations developed new training materials for the VTA and Hothouse Design created a new style.

There is ongoing development of training materials in the new style but producing well written, well designed manuals takes time and is therefore costly. So there needed to be a way of producing ongoing training materials that is affordable and efficient. 

The usual process of producing artwork from supplied text files, then exchanging pdfs with markups, checking, altering, resupplying until sign off is not conducive to producing high quality materials in volume - it is too costly and too cumbersome. 


Set up a process for producing training manuals that enables a quicker turnaround and reduces the back and forward steps in the process (between writer and designer).


Vesting control over content production and editing with the writer (Dynamic Organisations) is more cost effective than having us make editing changes. Cutting out the backwards and forwards of marking up and making changes cuts costs. Producing content in the style of the finished product also allows the writer to make decision about how content appears on the page earlier in the process thereby saving time.

Enter Collaborative Editing.

Collaborative Editing streamlines the process of designing, writing, editing and approval. Once a collaborative editing process has been implemented for a publication, future updates and output to print become far easier, faster and cheaper.

Hothouse Design provided the know-how, organised the integration of the content into the design and also created a new design for the VTA training manuals. Participant and Facilitator manuals were then set up in InCopy and the files shared with Dynamic Organisations via Dropbox.

Content for the training manuals (above) was entered by the client from their own offices and edited through InCopy, our collaborative editing software. Changes to content could then be made at any time, no need to submit ‘versions’ of content and waiting while these are integrated into the design for review and further changes.  

The VTA manuals were completed quickly with a great result. The client was happy with the ease and speed of the process. Hothouse Design happy with the less complicated approach to publishing and a satisfied customer.

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