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New website - Foster and Kinship Care study

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, July 22, 2015   

Websites can be big heavy lifters that parallel your bricks and mortar business or they can be a means of reaching out to a narrow audience with a specific message. They are a tool that can be applied across a broad gamut of needs.    Read More . . .

Getting your message straight - UX for everything

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, May 07, 2015   

Massively simplified, UX (user experience) design is where the interface and the human come together. As an industrial designer, UX looks to me like industrial design being done in a 2D space. I think about the interface between the system and the human as being the space where you have to get your messages straight because this is where users work out how to use your product.    Read More . . .

Taking a stand in Melbourne

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, May 06, 2015   

Coming up in a little over a week is the ITS Summit and we are very pleased to be taking a stand. No, there will be no shouting from atop a soapbox or marching down main street with a banner. We are putting our road schematic expertise on display to the captive audience of road management professionals who will be at the Intelligent Transport Systems Summit  Read More . . .

Adding push and pull features to websites

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, April 23, 2015   

Some people have truly delightful jobs and we are lucky enough to get a glimpse into their worlds every now and then. Our friend Andrew Foster is an artist who produces portraits of the furry, scaly and feathered friends who inhabit our lives. We made the Pet Portraits website last year and have just enhanced it with blog and newsletter.   Read More . . .

Social media endorsements are stupid

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, March 26, 2015   

I get endorsed by people in my LinkedIn network who have never done business with me. They endorse me for skills they can't possibly make a judgement on because they have never seen them demonstrated.    Read More . . .

Customer success story: Hothouse Design helps BBB help its members

Deirdre Wilson – Friday, March 06, 2015   

Sometimes Hothouse Design get the opportunity to build something that really works - and that is immensely satisfying. Late in 2014 we created this website for Bargain Boat Bits. Turnaround time was tight - about six weeks, followed by loads of skill transfer from us to our client.   Read More . . .

Website renovation for VMFG

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, October 09, 2014   

Websites don't last very long anymore without looking tired and dated. The VMFG gliding club website was due for more than facelift. When it was first planned we all had grand ideas about how much content we could put up and how we could make the ultimate, most useful gliding website in the whole known universe. Well, that didn't happen.    Read More . . .

New website: Americar Auto

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, October 09, 2014   

Being able to have your business stand out in a crowded market can be a challenge if you do much the same thing as the next company. Claiming the space not already claimed by others in your market helps until everyone else does the same thing: free delivery anyone?    Read More . . .

New website: DAWN

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, September 30, 2014   

The DAWN network is a volunteer organisation that provides "an interactive online crowd-sourced, professionally-driven knowledge and support hub" for aid workers to share experiences and learn from each other.    Read More . . .

New website: Pet Portraits

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, September 09, 2014   

Just launched www.petportraitsmelbourne.com.au. Andrew Foster is an artist and a designer, he draws beautiful portraits of pets and now has a website to show off his delightful drawings and allow customers to find him and have their own pet's portrait done.    Read More . . .

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