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What happens when your phones get cut off - not what you would expect

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, August 19, 2015   

Today our phones were cut off. Yes, we had paid out bill. But the service provider hadn't matched it to our account. The other thing they hadn't done was advise us that they were going to cut the phones off - no final notice, no courtesy call to alert us to a problem - nothing.    Read More . . .

What happens when you stop posting?

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, March 04, 2015   

People think that you are dead. Or that your business is dead. Blogs and social posts are a narrow window to your business but your audience may not be aware how narrow. They think that what they see is all there is.   Read More . . .

Hothouse Design helps the Mietta Song Competition and the WNZ at AIDS2014 with their big shindigs

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, August 07, 2014   

We have been involved in two very big events during July. One was the Women's Networking Zone at the AIDS2014 conference which was the largest health conference held in Australia and the other was the Mietta Song Competition held every two years in Melbourne and the cornerstone of preserving the art of art-song.   Read More . . .

Customer success story: Hothouse Design helps Mietta Song Competition become the Art Song hub

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, May 14, 2014   

The Mietta Song Competition is an art song competition held very 2 years in Melbourne, Australia. Singers with their pianist accompanist audition and then compete in semi finals and finals.    Read More . . .

Mind your manners when hanging out in a Hangout

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, March 17, 2014   

Google Hangouts: fabulous, brilliant tool, super easy to use but inhabited by some unappealing characters. Let me introduce you:   Read More . . .

New Pinterest board: Classifications

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, February 25, 2014   

There is something delightful about having things organised in an orderly manner. We use classifications everyday; you are annoying, he is not. Now we have a Pinterest board for examples of classifications visualised as diagrams. Many if them aren't very pretty but pretty can be applied. What is more interesting is the way the classifications have been structured. Those that have been included are there because they organise something into classes in a way that works diagrammatically.   Read More . . .

Its NOT OK not to be online – and Facebook is not enough

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, February 04, 2014   

I am astonished at the number of small businesses or single person enterprises who think they don't need a website. This appears to be particularly common amongst creative people. Some justify not having a website by claiming that their Facebook page is sufficient, others justify it by saying they don't want to be bothered by the deluge they anticipate will happen as a result of 'being found'.   Read More . . .

How to add delight to software training

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, December 05, 2013   

This parcel arrived from Zurb this week, addressed to David. Inside was a t-shirt and a couple of stickers – incidental stuff. BUT the post tube had been customised for its journey from the US to Australia with hand-drawn characters, amongst them a kangaroo. The look of delight on David’s face was a treat to see.   Read More . . .

Strategies for content creation: social media aggregators

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, September 30, 2013   

Your website needs to be interesting to both your audience as well as the search engine spiders. Adding new content needs to be part of your strategy for making your site interesting.   Read More . . .

Social media aggregator

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, August 01, 2013   

Aggregating social media feeds into one page on your website is a useful and effective way of providing your readers/audience with a way of participating in your business and a way of feeling part of a bigger conversation.   Read More . . .

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