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Why schematics aren’t maps

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, December 19, 2018   

Maps and road schematics look very different to each but they are both still recognisably about roads. Not only do they serve entirely different purposes but they are used in vastly different environments. All of these differences affect the end result but it is the end purpose that has the most influence on the design.   Read More . . .

We design schematics. What do you do?

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, October 15, 2015   

When I am asked 'What do you do?' I want to tell the asker all about the schematics we produce because they are the most unusual work we do and the most interesting. But they are awfully hard to explain so I am going to have a crack at it here.    Read More . . .

Show rather than tell

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, June 30, 2015   

Be still my beating heart! Finally, parking signs redesigned as a timetable. Yes, I know that sounds incredibly dull but they are a perfect case for a graphic representation of the data they are displaying. Of course, there are issues of real estate - text takes up less space.   Read More . . .

Taking a stand in Melbourne

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, May 06, 2015   

Coming up in a little over a week is the ITS Summit and we are very pleased to be taking a stand. No, there will be no shouting from atop a soapbox or marching down main street with a banner. We are putting our road schematic expertise on display to the captive audience of road management professionals who will be at the Intelligent Transport Systems Summit  Read More . . .

How to super-size a road schematic

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, May 14, 2014   

Right now we are working on a ginormous road schematic or uber road schematic - we have lots of huge words to describe it because it is HUGE!! The idea is to combine all the road schematics for one region for one operator onto one schematic and that seems like a really good idea - on the surface. Below that mill pond of logic roils a heap of factors affecting the viability of the outcome, some technical, some about visual language.   Read More . . .

Making of…road schematics

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, July 02, 2013   

We have three road schematics on the go at the moment so it seems a good time to show you some of the work that goes into making them.   Read More . . .

Ipswich Hwy Schematic and working within limits

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, June 03, 2013   

Wow, the highways in Queensland are really long – and bendy! The Ipswich Highway road schematic was an interesting challenge. It required a lot of secondary road detail, it had an intersecting north-south freeway which also needed a schematic and it was very long.    Read More . . .

Road schematic stays in the background, leaves heroics to others

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, May 06, 2013   

Have you heard the story about the cat in the tunnel? Not a modern take on Dr Seuss, but a kitten in the Burnley Tunnel.    Read More . . .

Road schematics in the news

David White – Wednesday, October 31, 2012   

This TV news story about a recent CityLink glitch highlighted the use and value of the road schematic we produced of the M1 (Monash Freeway).    Read More . . .

Bruce Highway gets smarter

David White – Wednesday, October 31, 2012   

A new section of the Bruce Highway in Queensland has opened featuring the use of smart technology including STREAMS and one of our road schematics.
See the full article in Prime Mover Magazine and go for a stroll along the road schematic here  Read More . . .

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