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Running a creative business - finding my tribe

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, January 13, 2016   

This is the first of a series of occasional posts about what happens in creative businesses - small creative businesses. But, I have to clarify already, small is a whole different definition when it comes to creative businesses. There are four and a half people and one kelpie in our business which makes us bigger than small in our industry but teeny, tiny in other industries.   Read More . . .

Every day. Something new.

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, June 23, 2015   

Need inspiration or motivation? Of course you do. We all need a regular motivation top up. Zig Ziglar once said "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." You can take care of your bathing needs and I'll help a little with motivation - read on!   Read More . . .

What happens when you stop posting?

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, March 04, 2015   

People think that you are dead. Or that your business is dead. Blogs and social posts are a narrow window to your business but your audience may not be aware how narrow. They think that what they see is all there is.   Read More . . .

Why donut graphs are as awful as real donuts

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, December 02, 2014   

Donut graphs are so pretty…pretty awful. Oh, they can look really good but they are nigh on impossible to read. So here I rant about the plague of donut graphs marching across our corporate reporting landscape.    Read More . . .

Website renovation for VMFG

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, October 09, 2014   

Websites don't last very long anymore without looking tired and dated. The VMFG gliding club website was due for more than facelift. When it was first planned we all had grand ideas about how much content we could put up and how we could make the ultimate, most useful gliding website in the whole known universe. Well, that didn't happen.    Read More . . .

New website: Americar Auto

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, October 09, 2014   

Being able to have your business stand out in a crowded market can be a challenge if you do much the same thing as the next company. Claiming the space not already claimed by others in your market helps until everyone else does the same thing: free delivery anyone?    Read More . . .

How to waste your money or dumb things to get designers to do

Deirdre Wilson – Wednesday, September 24, 2014   

Avert your eyes now if you have more money than you know what to do with and are happy to spend it frivolously. This is for anyone working within a budget and looking for ways to stretch that budget as far as possible.    Read More . . .

How to be more creative

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, September 09, 2014   

Creativity requires you to be present and focussed. The 10% inspiration 90% perspiration rule applies to the creative process: bright ideas are easily come by but execution of those ideas is the difference between fantasy and reality. What's the solution? Create before you consume.    Read More . . .

New website: Pet Portraits

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, September 09, 2014   

Just launched www.petportraitsmelbourne.com.au. Andrew Foster is an artist and a designer, he draws beautiful portraits of pets and now has a website to show off his delightful drawings and allow customers to find him and have their own pet's portrait done.    Read More . . .

New website: Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, September 04, 2014   

Have you ever wondered whether your family are good looking enough to be models? Well this family scrubs up quite nicely. As well as helping Santa each year by growing christmas trees, they were roped into being models for the new Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm website  Read More . . .

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