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New in our lab: product comparison tool

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, June 03, 2014   

We have dug another project out of the store room, brushed it off and exposed it to daylight. This time it is a comparison tool for sales people. Sales is a tough job. Smart sales people have loads of product knowledge not only on their own range but they know their competitors' range thoroughly as well. It takes time to develop that much knowledge so this experiment was designed to eliminate the time component all together.    Read More . . .

New in The Lab – auto graph, about cars, not about graphs that make themselves appear!

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, April 15, 2014   

Our latest update to The Lab – where experiments are done and flashes of brilliance happen – is the auto graph. This graph plots results from three car manufacturers against each other and overlays market forces data to create an incredibly rich source of information. And – this is the exciting bit – it is interactive!    Read More . . .

The Lab – where experiments are done and flashes of brilliance happen!

Deirdre Wilson – Thursday, April 03, 2014   

New on the Hothouse Design website: The Lab. This is where we show you the projects that didn’t launch. We have done a bunch of interesting things that have never seen the light of day – the reasons don’t matter – but we think that its time they were dug out of the back of the shed and given their moment in the spot light.   Read More . . .

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