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Its NOT OK not to be online – and Facebook is not enough

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, February 04, 2014   

I am astonished at the number of small businesses or single person enterprises who think they don't need a website. This appears to be particularly common amongst creative people. Some justify not having a website by claiming that their Facebook page is sufficient, others justify it by saying they don't want to be bothered by the deluge they anticipate will happen as a result of 'being found'.   Read More . . .

Building online relationships - Mietta Song Competition website

Deirdre Wilson – Friday, November 01, 2013   

We are just a little bit excited about our recent redesign of the Mietta Song Competition website. Why? Because it has been one of those fun jobs where we had free reign to pour into it all the smart ways we could think of to make a much better website.   Read More . . .

Four reasons why you need a blog and newsletter

David White – Wednesday, July 17, 2013   

Newsletters and blogs are a development tool for your business. Implemented correctly, they help you be found and stay top of mind.   Read More . . .

Embracing scary things

Deirdre Wilson – Tuesday, June 04, 2013   

What is the difference between theft and sharing? Permission. But permission can be implied. For instance: the ease with which images can be downloaded from your website appears to constitute permission to download them. This is understandable – if you left your valuables hanging on your front fence passers by might think they were there for the taking.   Read More . . .

Pushing hippos uphill

Deirdre Wilson – Monday, May 06, 2013   

When it gets too hard to push hippos uphill its time to start removing hills. That is a rather picturesque way of saying that we have rewritten the way we create websites. Stay with me, this is a story about barriers to entry and how to find ways of keeping momentum happening.   Read More . . .

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