Who We Are

Where we came from

This is about us.

Hothouse Design is a bunch of creative people with techy backgrounds. We have been around for over 20 years, founded back in the early 90's by us, Deirdre Wilson and David White. Hothouse Design is firmly based on solid principles of process management learned from working at Bridgestone where we first met.

Bridgestone was a great classroom to learn about process management as it was a Japanese company in the middle of the 'zero defects' era. As a result of that experience, quality assurance and process improvement became the mainstays of our production ethos.

Over time we have developed into a specialist communications design company and have given up calling ourselves graphic designers as we do so much more. Because of our background in industrial design and engineering Hothouse Design attracts projects that require an understanding of grittier subjects. Our team now all have some sort of technical training in their background e.g. architecture or engineering.

Our core values

These core values show how we work.

1. Keep our promises

If any of us can't be relied on to do what we say we are going to then we are in the wrong company.

2. Be helpful

Sometimes this will be inconvenient. It may slow us down. But we all will be on the receiving end so we make sure that we are on the giving end.

3. Keep learning

Seriously, does this need explaining? Stop learning and you might as well be dead.

4. Rinse and repeat

We work in such a way that anyone can pick up the thread and continue. This makes us efficient and effective and leaves plenty of room for creativity, passion and reward.

5. Be honest

We will tell it like it is. It might not be pretty but we are all grown ups who trust each other and respect the truth when it is told.

Do a better job than the next person

Our clients are the batter and we are the catcher. If they miss, we catch.

Who we work with

Engineers – lots of them! Trainers, business owners, technical staff, backroom people, all sorts of people.

Most of our work is with people we have a long relationship with – we're been around for a while now and hence, pretty reliable.

Here are some examples of the kinds of projects we specialise in

Basics. Know what they are. Get them right. Repeat.

About being sensible.

Tools we use