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We are part of a couple of affiliate programs: and Amazon. We promote because we have been a subscriber for ever and think it is a fabulous service. Amazon we promote because we believe in reading and learning so we want to make access to reading and learning as easy as possible – just one click away.

Revenue from these affiliate programs is split between the charities who we have as paying clients at the end of each financial year.

So, take out a subscription (link to Free 10 Day Trial below and an example video below that) and buy your books at Amazon through the links on our reading list page, knowing that the revenue is being donated to charity – and learn more! 7-day Free Trial

Here's a free tutorial to get you started.

Ever wonder how to get those fantastic aerial shots using a quadcopter? We did, so we turned to for the how-to on aerial shots using a quadcopter. Hope you find it as helpful as we did.


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